World Enough and Time: A Productivity Workshop for Creative Writers

The Morning Workshop is a three hour productivity workshop for creative writers.

The workshop takes you through a process of reflection, goal setting, and planning.

We’ll explore two themes, the mindsets that become obstacles to productivity in your creative life and the practices that support productivity in your creative life.

We’ll talk about your relationshiip to the process, your subject, your career, and your committments. Taking the time to relect on the  social and emotional dimensions of your work can help you take better care of yourself, your work and your time.

We’ll explore how supportive accountability and productive practice helps you use the powerful combination of clear goals and an open-minded view of time.

You’ll bring material you’re at work on, calendars, and any other information that can help you think about the months ahead so you can create a portrait of the work you want to create. You’ll look at what months, weeks, and even days look like. Once you break your goals down into manageable actions. We’ll look at your goals and time together.

At the end of the workshop, you’ll have a plan that will enable you to mark progress, make adjustments, and reach the goals you set.

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