Start to Finish Coaching

Start to Finish Coaching provides writing and productivity coaching for disseration writers.

Coaching can take place at any stage of your process. We can arrange for regular sessions over short and long periods of time, or meet for single sessions periodically .

The first meeting will consist of an interview about your goals and your timetable. We’ll discuss your perception of obstacles that face. I’ll also interview you t learn about your work habits so we can identify when you work at your best, as well as identify any adjustments that might make your work more effective.

I’ll ask you to complete a self-assessment tool created by Dr. Robert Boice, whose research in procrastination, blocking, and the habits of successful faculty writers will inform our work together.

While we’ll work directly on your project goals, I’ll also introduce you to techniques that suit them, such as practices that help develop comfort and fluency when you write, goals and time setting techniques, and prose principles that can help you develop an effecient style appropriate to your discipline.

For more information about fees and session, email Initial consultation is free.

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